Welcome to the Otherland!

*****************UPDATE 06/07/2014*****************

Hello there!

Finally, I've restored my full list, which can be downloaded here!

If you have any troubles with it or can't open it, feel free to ask me.

In case you find something interesting in this list, feel free to contact me as well.

I'm currently only interested in stuff from Blind Guardian, Riot, High Spirits, Manilla Road and (Jon-Mikl) Thor and the Saracen-recording from 2011's Keep It True.

I'm trading by standard and common trading rules, so I guess it'd be redundant to write them down right here.

Here's my mail-address: incredible_gergor@web.de



Special thanks go to Siavash for the great contact and recommending such awesome bands (my wallet hates you for that!), same goes for Dave (Up the hammers & down the nails!), thanks to Efe for being one of the friendliest traders I've witnessed and Jürgen and Tom for sending tons of bonus stuff respectively great stuff from the give-away! You make trading fun! Thanks!

And a huge "fuck you!" to all those who tolerate and support downloading official releases, buying and sellig factory pressed live bootlegs, counterfeits, unlicenced vinyl-rips or cheap CD-Rs of albums, which have been out of print for years, but condemn the free exchange of unofficial live recordings among fans as the greatest of all blasphemies.